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Pregnant Fenix water birth

Pregnant Fenix water birth

Fenix is sitting in the bean bag chair calming down for labor practice before the birth of her baby. After the labor practice, Fenix went to the pond, she is now ready to give birth. While Fenix holds the thin tree, Fenix made a very big push. After Fenix mad…

Birth of a Nation

This year, on Thanksgiving, think of Munster, Ireland before Plymouth. Go back to the autumn of 1569, when Colonel Humphrey Gilbert called rebels to his tent there. On their approach they passed, “on the ground by eche side of the waie ledying” to it, “the he…

[GIFT] Baby Birth

L ate birthday gift for pawslrq  I ‘m so sorry I missed it cr ies I hope you had an amazing birthday tho! ;0; Ily bab <33

hap birth dear fren

^ lol but uh you’re old happy birthday (i know it’s a day early bUT STILL) TheIndianaCrew also i drew my sona as a cat you’re welcome. edit: also, the first drawing made with my new tablet : D! the…

HR Giger’s Birth Machine

This is a model i wanted and could not find, so i decided to make it. It is based off of a painting by the artist named HR Giger and it is called “The Birth Machine.” After i posted a picture of it i got a lot of request to give out the STL, so here it is. …

happy birth

happy birth

Happy birth

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Happy birth

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hapi birth

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Women share diverse birth stories using #SoProud hashtag

‘Every birth is different, but every birth is BIRTH’

Happy Birth

Happy Birth

This is laaate I was busy, but I tried ;^; Happy birthday, friendo! I can’t really describe how much I appreciate you. You inspire me everyday and I’m so lucky to have you as a friend. I will always be here for you no matter what. I love you so much, my dude

Happ birth

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Hap Birth

Happy Birthday, deviantart. I’m going on vacation today but I’ll have time to do a limited palette today for you.

happy birth

its…. its fortnite. two sins in one. just give me the badge i want to go home already (im actually really hecking sick right now but at least i got this out yaaaay) i honestly didnt even care about this at all,, took me 2 minutes at most,, and it looks like…

Shameful birth

Headcanon: in troll society, you are seen as weak and lower than the low if you fart or poop during birth, and your baby is given the new name “shit baby” And meulin here.. she just couldn’t hold it anymore. Uncensored here:…

How the Soulquarians Birthed D’Angelo’s ‘Voodoo’ and Transformed Jazz

How the Soulquarians Birthed D’Angelo’s ‘Voodoo’ and Transformed Jazz

D’Angelo, Questlove, James Poyser and J Dilla hunkered down in Greenwich Village and created a sound that won Grammys and united genres.

Zika Exposure Before Birth Could Cause Health Issues in Babies-CDC

Some babies exposed to the Zika virus before birth may face health problems related to the mosquito-borne illness, U.S. officials said on Tuesday, providing guidance for couples planning pregnancies.

Baby birth

Baby birth

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happy birth

Happy birth

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”Wet birth”

the mountain spread eagle and wide brings about the life-giving mana we call it water because we do

Birth 2.0

Word on the street is that first time moms are nervous about giving birth because they don’t know what to expect, and second time moms are equally as nervous because they DO know what to expect! After my water broke with Mazen…waiting for contractions to star…


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DIRECTOR Isaiah Seret
LINE PRODUCER Bridgitte Pugh
CASTING Lisa Fields
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I’m not supposed to post art with Haley’s art in it, but heck, I spent hours on this… It isn’t gonna stop me ;; Happy late birthday pinkjelly08 I didn’t know if I would get it done today or yesterday— So I asked Full-born-wolf to make ya somethin’ ;;;;; I…


it is my day of birth am now 12+3


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Silent Studios – Google – Baby

Shot via Not To Scale on two activity stuffed days across London, the individuals have actually weaved right into the story of an expectant pair, some of little methods in which we are reliant on Google as well as their gadgets to help us in the day-to-day and also er. Quiet Studios songs arm Resonate, were also accountable for composing and also carrying out the songs.

Nobu's Birth Parents

Nobu’s Birth Parents

If you’ve seen my Bio about Inukag’s adopted son named, Nobu, you would know that he was a half-demon that was mute who’s mother was a demon and his father was human. I wanted to draw a portrait type thing with his mom and dad together. Obviously the man on t…

Dream and Birth

A painting I drew for our club activity.

Giving birth naturally — preparing for a natural (home?) birth

Less than a week to go to my due date now… As I said before in my post about packing my hospital bag, I’m not sure yet if I will stay home or go to the hospital for the birth. But in any case, I am preparing to give birth naturally for the fifth time! […] The…

Birth photographer shares video of moms giving birth

Birth photographer Monet Nicole Moutrie takes breath-taking photos of women giving birth and shared a now viral compilation video, featuring various new mums during labour, on Mother’s Day, last year

The best birth control