When Adopted Children Want to Meet Their Birth Parents

When Adopted Children Want to Meet Their Birth Parents

Guidelines for successfully managing what is often an emotional and unpredictable experience.

Blood Test Might Predict Pregnancy Due Date and Preterm Birth

The test is far from ready for use, but research is promising. If it works in bigger studies, it could help prevent deaths of babies born prematurely.

Trump’s Birth Control Problems

Trump’s Birth Control Problems

Plus: the night the porn star yawned.

Fewer Births Than Deaths Among Whites in Majority of U.S. States

The pattern first started more than a decade ago. But lagging fertility rates and rising white mortality rates have sped demographic change.

Son, Placed for Adoption, Leads Birth Parents to Altar 36 Years Later

Son, Placed for Adoption, Leads Birth Parents to Altar 36 Years Later

“The day that I got the call that Martin wanted to reach out to us was the best day of my life. And it’s just gotten better every day after that.”

Bayer Will Stop Selling the Troubled Essure Birth Control Implants

Thousands of women have sued the company, claiming that the device has caused severe harm, including perforation of the uterus, hemorrhaging and death.

Air Pollution Near Power Plants Tied to Premature Births

Air Pollution Near Power Plants Tied to Premature Births

Closing coal- and oil-fired power plants is associated with a reduction in preterm births in the surrounding region, researchers report.

How the Soulquarians Birthed D’Angelo’s ‘Voodoo’ and Transformed Jazz

D’Angelo, Questlove, James Poyser and J Dilla hunkered down in Greenwich Village and created a sound that won Grammys and united genres.

RIP, Young Orca J-50

RIP, Young Orca J-50

Today, we mourn. Read more…

Serena Williams: French Open bans ‘superhero’ catsuit from next year

Serena Williams will be banned from wearing her black catsuit at the French Open from next year, with the tournament set to introduce a stricter dress code.

Air Canada confirms mobile app data breach

Air Canada has confirmed a data breach on its mobile app, which the airline said may affect 20,000 people — or 1 percent — of its 1.7 million app users. The company said it had “detected unusual log-in behavior” occurring between August 22-24. According to an…

Serena Williams’ badass black body suit is now banned from the French Open

Remember that fashionable, black one-piece bodysuit that made Serena Williams feel like a “warrior princess” and simultaneously helped protect against blood clots? Well, turns out it’s been banned from future French Open tournaments. SEE ALSO: Serena Williams…

MTV VMAs 2018: Photos and What to Expect

Jennifer Lopez poses with her best dance video award for her song “Waiting For Tonight” at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Carrie Underwood reveals miscarriages

Carrie Underwood reveals miscarriages

Country music singer Carrie Underwood told CBS that she had three miscarriages after the birth of her first child. She says she dealt with the pain by writing songs for her new album.

New Yorkers to get third gender option on birth certificates

A new bill is aimed at adults who don’t identify as either male or female and would prefer to be categorized as X M, F – or X? New Yorkers are to be given the option of choosing a third gender on their birth certificates, under legislation that passed in the …

‘No need for birth control’: Tanzanian president’s views cause outrage

John Magufuli says people who use contraceptives are lazy, and outsiders who promote birth control are giving bad advice Women’s rights campaigners have expressed outrage after the Tanzanian president said there is no need for birth control. The president, Jo…

Brett Kavanaugh: Birth Control = ‘abortion inducing drugs.’ #StopKavanaugh.

Brett Kavanaugh: Birth Control = ‘abortion inducing drugs.’ #StopKavanaugh.

Michael Cohen, D.N.C., Tariffs: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

Froth “Nothing Baby”


From the album BLEAK out on Burger Records – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bleak/id986014546

Writer/Director Riley Blakeway
DOP: Baileyy Walker
Starring: Cameron Allen
Pizza Delivery: Kevin Haskins,
Restaurant: Joo Ashworth, Halle Saxon Gaines

Colored at The Mill Los Angeles
Colorist: Nick Sanders
Exec Producer, Color: Thatcher Peterson
Shade Producer: Antonio Hardy
Production Coordinator, Color: Diane Valera

Special Thanks:
Perry Suppa at Fotokem
Tim Dillard at Alan Gordon
Steve Wi at Uber Content
Reel Good Film

Shot on Super 16mm KODAK 5219/7219


Indiana Firefighters Quell Blaze, Help Neighbor Give Birth

Indiana Firefighters Quell Blaze, Help Neighbor Give Birth

Indiana firefighters and medics dealt with the usual duties on an early weekend morning by battling a house fire and delivering several residents to the hospital. Then came something more unexpected: the delivery of a neighboring baby.

OpCast: Separated by Birth.

This week: Mary Duenwald, The Times’s deputy editorial page editor, speaks with recent Op-Ed contributors Elizabeth Gilbert and Catherine Gilbert Murdock.

My baby died. Please ask me his name

My baby died. Please ask me his name

Elle Wright lost her son soon after birth. She wants to challenge the idea that a parent is only someone whose child is alive.

Animoto hack exposes personal information, geolocation data

Animoto, a cloud-based video maker service for social media sites, has revealed a data breach. The breach occurred on July 10 but was confirmed by the company in early August, and later reported to the California attorney general. Names, dates of birth and us…

UK Bans Birth Control App Ad Over ‘Misleading’ Claims About Its Accuracy

Natural Cycles, an app that uses an algorithm to predict fertility, has a thorny past when it comes to unwanted pregnancies. And the UK’s advertising watchdog just upheld a ruling that the digital birth control’s Facebook ad from last year is misleading. Read…

Vows: Son, Placed for Adoption, Leads Birth Parents to Altar 36 Years Later

Martin Schmidt, who was adopted as an infant, reached out to find his biological parents, Dave Lindgren and Michele Newman. The couple hadn’t spoken for decades before their firstborn reconnected them. He was the officiant at their wedding Aug. 4 in Marshfiel…

Serena Williams. New Mom. Elite Athlete. Extraordinary and Ordinary All at Once.

Williams’s success has the sports world buzzing about new mothers and great performances. It has happened before, and it will happen again.

Mount Moriah – Baby Blue

https://vimeo.com/154096158!.?.!From the cd How to Dance, out February 26 on Merge Records. Directed by Jordan Michael Blake Produced by The American Standard Film Co.
ACTORS Chad Carr Haley Freedman Chris Duce Sarah Mintz Stephen Cervantes Dylan Bushnell Chet
Bryant Rebekah Bryant Bodhi
Bryant Salvador Ramirez Myles Cranford
Josie Procida
Ruby Lightfoot Keisuke Yoshida Isabelle Sitterle Ameran Wright Taylor Golceker Tim Woodward Jessalin Smith
Max Birchmore Sebastian Rodis Valentino
Rodis Sallieu Sesay Michael Q. Schmidt Craig C. Chen Karen Muller Bianca
Marciuc J. Wes Ulm Corinne Rogan CREW

UK Regulator Says Ad for Birth Control App Were Misleading

UK Regulator Says Ad for Birth Control App Were Misleading

Britain’s advertising regulator says a birth control app’s Facebook advertisement contained misleading claims that breached the country’s advertising code.

Burying ‘One Child’ Limits, China Pushes Women to Have More Babies

Worried that an aging population imperils the economy, Beijing is scrambling to stimulate a baby boom after decades of harsh restrictions on births.

A Buddhist guide to the cycle of birth, death and rebirth and how to escape it.

A Buddhist guide to the cycle of birth, death and rebirth and how to escape it.

A Buddhist guide to the cycle of birth, death and rebirth and how to escape it.

The FDA OK’d an app as a form of birth control

Don’t want to get pregnant? There’s a Food and Drug Administration approved app for that. The FDA has just given the go ahead for Swedish app Natural Cycles to market itself as a form of birth control in the U.S. Natural Cycles was already in use as a way to …

Chippendale at 300: A Stellar Brand in Need of Polish

After years of commanding high prices, the British furniture maker’s ornate pieces have lost some luster at the tercentenary of his birth.

Bayer Will Soon Stop U.S. Sales of Controversial Birth Control Implant Essure

A controversial birth control treatment that is alleged to have harmed thousands of women in the past two decades is finally being phased out completely. On Friday, the pharmacy Bayer announced it would stop selling its Essure birth control implant within the…

FDA Limits Sales of Controversial Birth Control Implant Essure

On Monday, the Food and Drug Administration announced it would take added steps to protect women from a controversial birth control implant known as Essure. From now on, women will only be able to obtain the permanent implant after their doctor sits down with…