Merry Birth

Merry Birth

gift for SUBCHAMPION i gave her a note that said ” OK WHERE DO I START UUHHHHH…ur honestly my best friend and ur the best thing that has ever happened to me and idk how to put it into words bfrhgfwej u have no idea how much i fucking love you (no homo ecks …

Birth Pangs

Watch Birth Pangs by Eliot Rausch on Short of the Week—a Experimental about The End in Live-Action—USA, 13 min

Birth Pangs

Are we at the end of the world, a last gasp of Western civilization, a human race finally confronting its demise? Birth Pangs has no answers but elevates the cacophony of noise and commentary that seems to be most pressing now. Exploring a world where those w…

Happy birth

Typhl0s1on  sorry I was too lazy to post anything on da so here have this again hi Speedpaint…

Decolonizing birth

Indigenous women are taking back their power as life-givers. This portrait of Zintkala Mahpiya Win Blackowl and her daughter, Mni Wiconi, was created by Indigenous photographer Tomás Karmelo Amaya on Nov. 16, 2016, moments before a women’s meeting at Oceti Sa…

The Birth

The Birth may refer to:

  • The Birth (The Cosby Show), an episode of The Cosby Show
  • The Birth (album), an album by Stardeath and White Dwarfs
  • The Birth (EP), an EP by Rasco

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  • Birth (disambiguation)