hap birth

hap birth

cant believe i managed to forget to upload this here nvm  yesterday was the anniversary of sa2 so here’s something for that also isn’t sonic’s on like saturday frick i m  n o t  r e …

Birth Assassin’s

ascentors : Adam & Eve 75.000 BC Alexios e Kassandra 431 BC Bayek e Aya (Amunet) 50 BC Aquilus e Accipter 190 AC Altair ib ahad 1195 Numa al’khamsin 1297 Thomas de carneillon 1310 Ezio Auditore da Firenze 1470 Aguilar de Nerha 1495 Yusuf Tazim 1510 Shao Jun 1…

Jesus birth

Happy birthday! :3

First birth

Planetary Birth

birth (framed)

birth (framed)

Ink, pencil, colored pencil, collage

Hap Birth

It be ‘s birthin’ day today! Happy birthday dear~

Homeboy’s birth

Yeah I wrote “Happy Birthday friend ayy!” In spanish yes yes I’m hispanic wOOP. This is a gift for my churro today was his 14th birthday he’s old but gold happy birth my milk dud

Hap Birth


Happy Birth

corikittycat  gahh im so sorry that this is crap but i wanted to make you something happy birthday!!!

queen birth

queen birth

there she is-that girl it floramisa  hap birth friend

Happy Birth

Today my birthday praise me MeieSweet

Birth Miracle

The Original – Funny Facebook Statuses, Fails, LOLs and More.

Blooming Birth

Photo taken by me at Bayville Farm Park in Virginia Beach, Va.

Birth defects

The writer is a former federal secretary. ACCORDING to a WHO report, more than 300,000 infants are born with severe congenital anomalies every year and die within four weeks of birth. About 3-6 per cent are born with life-altering birth defects. While some of…

The Baby Shower

https://vimeo.com/josephpierce/thebabyshower!.?.!May and also Christian are having a child shower, whether they intend to or otherwise. A Facade Films manufacturing in co-production with Melocoton Films CAST May- Georgina Rich Christian- Jack Laskey

– Juliet Cowan Nick – Sean Rigby Leela – Jessie Cave Eric – Prasanna Puwanarajah Carol – Kate Fahy Todd – Jack Gordon Elliot -Ed Birch Plants – Evelyn Neghabian Pierce TEAM: Director/Writer

– Joseph
Pierce Manufacturer – Katie Jackson Co-Producer – Héléne Mitjavile Affiliate Producer- Théo Laboulandine Supervisor of Photography- Laura Bellingham First Assistant Camera – Kieron Jansch First ADVERTISEMENT – Linute Remeikaite Editor -Robbie Morrison Production Design- Gini+ Sophia
Audio Editor – Colin Favre-Bulle Audio Mix – Maxime Roy Author – Blair Mowat

Satellite Images Reveal the Birth of a Drone Base

Satellite Images Reveal the Birth of a Drone Base

Dust storms, scorching temperatures and lengthy delivery times have put the Pentagon’s new drone base in the Sahara in Niger more than a year behind schedule and $22 million over its original budget. Here is what images from space revealed about t…

Tammy Duckworth Becomes First U.S. Senator to Give Birth While in Office

Ms. Duckworth gave birth to a daughter, Maile, on Monday. She is one of 10 women to give birth while serving in Congress, and the first senator to do so.

Yves Saint Laurent – Baby Doll

https://vimeo.com/62882435!.?.!Commercial for Baby Doll Mascara by Yves Saint Laurent, featuring Cara Delevingne. Directed by Nicolas Garnier Cinematography by Axel Cosnefroy Innovative Director Jean Michel
Roccuzzo @ Nurun Created by Diane Guillaumaud & Yann Rimbaux @ Onirim Music by La Femme Post Production by Onirim http://www.yslbeautyus.com/Baby-Doll-Mascara/babydoll,default,pg.html#/explore

Lisa's Birth

Lisa’s Birth

Prologue It was winter and the loud house was lively as ever. Christmas ended and the kids were busy in their rooms with their new toys and presents. Lincoln (7) was watching over the twin toddlers…

Happy Birth!!

AHHH THS IS LATE BUT HAPPY 14th  BIRTH DAY IIStrawberry-ShibaII !! hope you had a lovely day!! Characters: IIStrawberry-ShibaII 

New Birth


uMMMM Happy Birthday to this cool ass motherfuker called dollieguts, they are extremely talented and an inspiration to me, you should watch them like..rn Ive only known them for half a year but still >:0c from our convos they are an xtremely awesome person Le…

Luveora’s Birth

Star Shine : She’s so beautiful Phoenix Phoenix Bolt : Thanks mom Ice Comet : Yeah she’s so beautiful Phoenix Bolt : Her eyes are so pretty. She’s got her dad’s eyes. Star Shine : Who’s the father? Phoenix Bolt : Discord. I thought you knew… Ice Comet : No …

Shower birth

Shower birth

Keith Birth!!

happy womb escape you wonderful fictional man you this is kinda late, and a bIT rushed but i just Could Not draw today so i tried my best with what i could do fjekfkjfdgf but he’s here, and he’s probably having a good time. shoutout to those who recognize he …

Lightbluenyan9s Birth

Moonyan: Welcome to the world…=W= Nightnyan: She9s such a Cutie :3 Darkynyan: Meow :3 Moonyan, nightnyan, starnyan, darkynyan and lightbluenyan (C)

Deer birth

hap1py Birth

Its a friends birthday gift yes

South Africa Launches Notes and Coins for 100th Anniversary of Mandela's Birth

South Africa Launches Notes and Coins for 100th Anniversary of Mandela’s Birth

South Africa on Friday launched a set of limited edition bank notes and gold coins to mark the 100th anniversary on July 18 of the birth of Nelson Mandela.

Bayer to Stop Sales of Birth Control Device Tied to Injuries

The maker of a permanent contraceptive implant subject to thousands of injury reports and repeated safety restrictions by regulators said Friday that it will stop selling the device in the U.S., the only country where it remains available.

Gay birth

Gay birth

It’s also my bestfriends birthday ! (Funny, right?)

Happy Birth

Happy late birthday thing for my main CrowCasino  also casual return of my old sona Amber. 

Happy Birth

WhirlCore happy birthday >w hope you had a great time!

Hap Birth

have a good day gingerhatescake, I hope ish a goud one since Im in it jkjkjk

Happy birth

Late present for haha, I’m sorry fReN

hap birth

hap birth

its was her bday yesterday whoopS  i treat my ocs well also, im (temporarily) back and now I’m go n e 

Hap Birth

i was gonna make my teacher a birthday gift that includes him have a cake in the face but i remembered that he knows my da accounts so i just aborted the mission but, thE DAY U CAME OUT OF THE WOMB IS NEARR jfc i regret saying that

Happy Birth

So it9s Splair 9s birthday so have a thing! This didn9t take 2 hours I swear

Birth Canal

ren9s birth

is tomorrow, for me, but fuck that lmao. heres the whole pic idk if it counts as waist or knee up but this is 110 if waist and 120 if knee

Baby Gangster / 2014

https://vimeo.com/91586954!.?.!Director: Luke Monaghan Manufacturer: Nathaniel Greene DP: Benjamin Kitchens Editor: Paul O’Reilly @ Stitch Colourist: Ricky Gausis
@ MPC Audio Design: Ari Balouzian First
Air Conditioner: Jake Bianco Sound Recordist: Rob Reider Manufacturing Co-Ordinator: Chris Greene Titles: Ruff Mercy Music: A$ AP Rocky, Tev’ n. Exec Producers: Mal Ward, Marc Marrie. Manufacturing Company: Arts & Sciences.