Op-Ed Columnist: Trump’s Birth Control Problems

Op-Ed Columnist: Trump’s Birth Control Problems

Stormy Daniels, who reportedly was paid hush money over a one-night stand with President Trump in 2006, said he didn’t use a condom.

Cardi B gives birth to first child

Cardi B announced on her Instagram that she gave birth to her first child on July 10.

Feature: Searching for a Lost Odessa — and a Deaf Childhood

A poet returns to the city of his birth.

Soldier watches daughter’s birth on FaceTime

Video of US Army National Guard soldier Brooks Lindsey watching his daughter’s birth on FaceTime went viral after a flight delay caused him to view the event in an airport.

What Is Uranium One and Why Is It Suddenly a Big Story?

Sometimes certain words and phrases bubble up in the right-wing word cloud—Jeremiah Wright, birth certificate, Vince Foster, Kenya, Benghazi. The latest to surge to the front is “Uranium One,” the latest story on alleged Clintonian malfeasance to make headlin…

How to Find a Pharmacy That Can Prescribe Birth Control

How to Find a Pharmacy That Can Prescribe Birth Control

Pharmacists can prescribe birth control in eight states and Washington, DC, meaning you can walk into a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription and walk out with, often, a full year’s worth of pills. The patch, shot, and vaginal ring can also be prescribed t…

The birth of the Universal Digital Profile

It is a well-known fact that Europeans are generally more concerned about privacy than some other countries.

Immigrants Take Oath at Monticello, Feeling the Weight of the Past

“This place for me is for the birth of America, birth of liberty and, now, the birth of my citizenship,” said Joseph Csaba Nagy, formerly of Romania.

Something Else to Avoid When You’re Pregnant: Fracking

A new study has found that babies born closer to hydraulic fracturing had lower birth weights than those born farther away. The researchers think this has to do with pollution. Read more…

Actress gives birth at 54

Actress Brigitte Nielsen, 54, gave birth to her fifth child after announcing her pregnancy in May on Instagram.

A birth defect breakthrough

A birth defect breakthrough

A birth defect breakthrough Science Research Genetics Medicine Agriculture Researchers cure a genetic disease in unborn mice Discoveries Julie Borg Each year an estimated 8 million children are born worldwide with severe genetic disorders. During pregnancy, g…

Birth control PSA!

I just found out New Jersey’s Planned Parenthood is offering free IUDs and implants through the end of June! Read more…

Ryder’s Birth Story

I am sitting here with our sweet little newborn baby cuddled up on a squishy Boppy pillow in my lap with my laptop propped up in front of me. My heart is so incredibly full. The first few days of Ryder’s life were unlike anything we predicted or imagined and …

Azeroth, after the ‘birth’?

So, when the first Chronicle came out in 2016, the big question people had about the Titans due to new lore was what happens to the planets after the Titan world-soul is ‘born’. Did their body form from the planet? Was it like an egg? Etc.

Now, with Argus…

Exercising their ‘birth’ right

Expectant mothers who want to reclaim a space long usurped by doctors and old wives’ tales, and tweak gender expectations along the way

Birth Photographer Says Facebook Removed 'Birth Becomes Her' Video

Birth Photographer Says Facebook Removed ‘Birth Becomes Her’ Video

A birth photographer alleged that Facebook removed her “Birth Becomes Her” video without notice for being in violation of its community guidelines. The viral video, which attracted more than 100 million views after it was shared to Facebook on May 2017, depic…

Register a birth abroad

Parents must register the birth in the country where the child was born – find out if you can also register the birth in the UK

Pre-Birth Memories

There are family memories of history and life events long before I was born. They were related to me by my parents long years ago, in days of youth when I could better understand. My mother was born into a family whose geneology is recorded from 1727 to 1927 …

Saxophone Gives Birth

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Birth Control Effectiveness | 86b.jpg

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NZ's Minister for Women Gives Birth to Baby Boy After Cycling to Hospital

NZ’s Minister for Women Gives Birth to Baby Boy After Cycling to Hospital

New Zealand’s Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter announced on Wednesday that she had delivered her first child, a baby boy, after cycling to hospital and becoming the country’s second member of the government, after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern…

My Not-So-Bad Birth Defect

It seems reasonable to me that sometimes, in a complicated human body, one or two things are left out.

Happy birth day Minx!

Happy birth day Minx!

This photo belongs to FireFoxGirl96 on DeviantART. And may not appear anywhere else unless the owner is saying something!Emmy Andersson (c) ———————————————————————————————————————–…

Abortion: Murderous birth control

It’s time those who believe in abortion tell the truth and admit that they believe in murdering babies, because that’s what abortion is. People can try to rationalize that an abortion before the second or third month isn’t murdering a baby, but rather a lump …

Happy Birth-Gay!

Why choose?!

Jessica Cunningham gives birth

Jessica Cunningham has revealed that she has given birth to her fourth child.

Illegal Birth Registrations

Conall O’Flatharta, Reporter with The Irish Examiner

Devendra Banhart – Baby

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Pregnant Fenix water birth

Pregnant Fenix water birth

Fenix is sitting in the bean bag chair calming down for labor practice before the birth of her baby. After the labor practice, Fenix went to the pond, she is now ready to give birth. While Fenix holds the thin tree, Fenix made a very big push. After Fenix mad…

Birth of a Nation

This year, on Thanksgiving, think of Munster, Ireland before Plymouth. Go back to the autumn of 1569, when Colonel Humphrey Gilbert called rebels to his tent there. On their approach they passed, “on the ground by eche side of the waie ledying” to it, “the he…

[GIFT] Baby Birth

L ate birthday gift for pawslrq  I ‘m so sorry I missed it cr ies I hope you had an amazing birthday tho! ;0; Ily bab <33

hap birth dear fren

^ lol but uh you’re old happy birthday (i know it’s a day early bUT STILL) TheIndianaCrew also i drew my sona as a cat you’re welcome. edit: also, the first drawing made with my new tablet : D! the…

HR Giger’s Birth Machine

This is a model i wanted and could not find, so i decided to make it. It is based off of a painting by the artist named HR Giger and it is called “The Birth Machine.” After i posted a picture of it i got a lot of request to give out the STL, so here it is. …