Art Basel Miami Beach: Cracks in the Glittering Facade

Art Basel Miami Beach: Cracks in the Glittering Facade

Against the backdrop of a skidding stock market, declining endowments and a cooling of luxury real-estate values, another private museum announced its birth.

NBA star, actress open up about infertility

NBA player Dwayne Wade and actress Gabrielle Union tell Oprah Winfrey about their struggles to conceive and the birth of their baby daughter.

NBA star, actress open up about infertility

NBA player Dwyane Wade and actress Gabrielle Union tell Oprah Winfrey about their struggles to conceive and the birth of their baby daughter.

DNA Test Helps Mother Reunite With Daughter She Thought Died Nearly 70 Years Ago

Connie Moultroup, left, and her mother, Genevieve Purinton, after they were reunited after nearly 70 years. They found one another after Ms. Moultroup took a DNA test through

Daphne Oram and the Birth of Electronic Music

For most of human history, musical instruments were strictly mechanical devices. The musician either plucked something, blew into or across something, or banged on something to produce the sounds the occasion called for. All musical instruments, the human voi…

Honduran Woman in Migrant Caravan Gives Birth in US

Honduran Woman in Migrant Caravan Gives Birth in US

A Honduran woman affiliated with a caravan of Central American migrants gave birth on U.S. soil shortly after entering the country illegally amid growing frustration about a bottleneck to claim asylum at official border crossings.

From a Deceased Woman’s Transplanted Uterus, a Live Birth

A novel transplantation procedure may help more infertile women become pregnant.

Surging OKC gets Westbrook back at Sacramento

Surging OKC gets Westbrook back at Sacramento

The Thunder will get Russell Westbrook back Monday at Sacramento after he missed six games for an ankle injury and the birth of twins.

California Today: California Today: New Life in the Ashes of the Camp Fire

Thursday: Babies born as the Camp Fire raged, the legality of using tear gas over a border and learning about Los Angeles through letters

China Halts Work by Scientist Who Says He Edited Babies’ Genes

He Jiankui, who claims to have created the world’s first genetically edited babies, defended his work at a conference in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

What Your Birth Month Can Reveal About Your Home

The driving force in how you decorate your home—and really just how you live in it—is dictated most often by your personality. Who you are as a person impacts what art you hang, how you set up your rooms, how often you host people, your cleaning tendencies, a…

Benoît Quennedey: French official charged with spying for N Korea

Senate administrator Benoît Quennedey is suspected of “supplying information to a foreign power”.

The First Male Birth Control Clinical Trial Is Under Way

The First Male Birth Control Clinical Trial Is Under Way

An elusive medical advance might finally be within grasp, one that could make some couples’ sex lives a lot more convenient. This week, researchers officially kicked off the first wide-scale clinical trial of a male contraceptive topical gel. Read more…

Surrogate mothers: ‘I gave birth but it’s not my baby’

Canada has become a hot destination for parents-to-be looking for ‘altruistic surrogates’ – women who give birth to babies they are not genetically related to and only charge expenses.

Police Forced Bronx Woman to Give Birth While Handcuffed, Lawsuit Says

The woman said the police handcuffed her to a bed during her labor and delivery in violation of state law. She had been arrested for a minor crime.

In World First, Woman Gives Birth After Receiving Uterus Transplant from Dead Donor

A team of doctors in Brazil have announced a medical first that could someday help countless women unable to have children because of a damaged or absent uterus. In a case report published Tuesday in the Lancet, they claim to have successfully helped a woman …

‘He’s defied the odds since birth’ – how Tyson Fury went from 1lb baby to heavyweight champion

Tyson Fury’s father, John, describes the pride he feels before his son’s world heavyweight championship fight with Deontay Wilder on Saturday.

Area of birth

“Birthplace” redirects here. For the Henry James short story, see The Birthplace.

The place of birth (POB) or birth place is the place where a person was born. This place is often used in legal documents, together with name and date of birth, to uniquely identify a person. As a general rule with respect to passports, the place of birth is determined to be country that currently has sovereignty over the actual place of birth regardless of when the birth actually occurred.[citation needed] The place of birth is not necessarily the place where the parents of the new baby live. If the baby is born in a hospital in another place, that place is the place of birth. In many countries, this also means that the government requires that the birth of the new baby is registered in the place of birth.

In other countries, such as Sweden since 1947, there is a concept of födelsehemort (“domicile of birth”), which means that the domicile of the baby’s mother is the registered place of birth.[1] The location of the maternity ward or other physical birthplace is considered unimportant.

Sometimes the place of birth automatically determines the nationality of the baby, a practice often referred to with the Latin phrase jus soli (it depends on the law of the country to give the nationality). More often, this may also depend on the nationality or nationalities of the parents (referred to as jus sanguinis).

There can be some confusion on the place of birth if the birth takes place in an unusual way: when babies are born in an airplane or at sea, difficulties can arise. The place of birth of such a person depends on the law of the countries involved, which include the nationality of the plane or ship, the nationality/nationalities of the parents and/or the position of the plane or ship (if the birth occurs in the territorial waters or airspace of a country).

Some applications may request the “Country of Birth” of the applicant. It is important to determine from the requester whether the information requested refers to the “Place of Birth” or “Nationality at Birth” of the applicant. For US citizens born abroad that under the US Constitution acquire US citizenship at the time of birth, the Nationality at Birth will be USA (American), while Place of Birth would be the country in which the actual birth takes place.


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  • Kim Kardashian said the family grilled Tristan Thompson about his reported cheating scandal after Khloe gave birth

    Kim Kardashian said the family grilled Tristan Thompson about his reported cheating scandal after Khloe gave birth

    In a new clip from Sunday’s episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian filled cousin Cici Bussey in on what’s going on with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. Kim revealed that the family had a private talk with Tristan a…

    Too many baby deaths avoidable, report into NHS finds

    Each Baby Counts project analyses cases of stillbirth, neonatal death and babies born with brain damage Seven out of 10 stillbirths, neonatal deaths and babies brain damaged at birth could be avoided if the NHS provided better care during labour, a new govern…

    Best All-in-One Car Seats

    As the name implies, all-in-one car seats are designed for children from birth to booster-seat age, usually 7 to 10 years old. The idea of paying for just one seat for all those years is tempting…

    Woman on trial over child found in squalid car boot in France

    Partner and sister of accused say they had no idea she had given birth to fourth child Relatives of a woman who hid her baby in the maggot-invested boot of a car have said they had no idea of her secret, during a trial that has drawn horror in France. Rosa-Ma…

    Dwyane Wade returns to Miami Heat after birth of child

    Dwyane Wade has rejoined the Miami Heat after birth of his daughter, will play against Brooklyn Nets

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    , countless women and males
    see it day after day, even in regular life conventional people pack their video clips up, for the whole world can see them banging. You can listen to individuals claiming:” Youporn altered my life”!!! And this is really real. Youpornbaby is a Hymn regarding the berak through of a new culture. The society of uninhibited sex as well as absolute reconnoitring.

    Motel 6 Agrees to Pay $8.9 Million to Settle Claims It Helped ICE Arrest Guests

    Motel 6 Agrees to Pay $8.9 Million to Settle Claims It Helped ICE Arrest Guests

    Motel 6 has agreed to pay up to $8.9 million to settle a lawsuit claiming that its employees gave guests’ personal information to immigration authorities. The lawsuit alleged that the information led to the detainment of some guests.

    Fathers over 45 put the health of both babies and mothers at risk, according to a major new study

    A major study has found that the health of a baby is affected not just by the mother’s age, but by the father’s, too. Older dads are more likely to father babies who are premature and have other birth complications. Equally, the partners of men over 45 are mo…

    Baby’s Death During “Free Birth” Spurs Backlash Against Unassisted Childbirth Movement

    Women who choose to give birth without medical assistance have shut down their Facebook group, but the “free birth” community is still thriving online. View Entire Post ›

    Clues from gamma rays on the history of star birth

    The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, which celebrates its 10th year of operation, measures high-energy γ-ray emission, usually produced when cosmic rays (high-speed electrons or protons) interact with ordinary matter or radiation. Over the past 2 years, the F…

    Hilary Duff ate her placenta in a ‘delightful’ smoothie after giving birth, but doctors think it’s a bad idea

    In a recent episode of the “Informed Pregnancy ” podcast, Hilary Duff said she consumed her placenta in smoothies after giving birth to her second child, People reported. Some claim that the practice has benefits like improving milk supply and preventing post…

    Marriott Says Up To 500 Million Customers' Data Stolen In Breach

    Marriott Says Up To 500 Million Customers’ Data Stolen In Breach

    The hotel giant said information on up to 500 million customers worldwide was exposed in a breach of its Starwood reservation database. The data includes dates of birth and passport numbers.

    Some truths about Trump’s birthright plan

    The president wants to end the right of people born in the US to be citizens but he’s wrong about a few things.

    New Trump Health Care Attack Targets Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

    Religious groups, nonprofits and small businesses will soon be allowed to deny insurance coverage of birth control for “religious or moral” reasons.

    Starwood Hotels says 500 million guest records stolen in massive data breach

    Starwood Hotels has confirmed its hotel guest database of about 500 million customers has been stolen in a data breach. The hotel and resorts giant said in a statement that the “unauthorized access” to its guest database was detected on or before September 10…

    Should you buy Kingdom Hearts: The Story So far?

    Best answer: Yes. Kingdom Hearts is a notoriously convoluted series, so much so that it’s become a running joke about how difficult it is to explain its plot. If you’re gearing up for Kingdom Hearts III, this is the perfect bundle to get you caught up. Amazon…