Authorities in India are exploring a disturbing fad where moms in 132 towns have actually delivered only to infant boys

Authorities in India say they are checking out why no infant women have been born in over 100 towns in India’s northern area of Uttarkashi in the state of Uttarakhand within the last three months. Out of 216 infants birthed within the last 3 months in 1 …

Saudi Arabia enables females to travel independently

Ladies over 21 can now make an application for a ticket without authorisation from a male guardian.Reality TV celebrity delivers in room storage room’Bachelor in Paradise’s’Jade Roper Tolbert offered birth to second kid with husband Tanner in room closet. She spoke about the event in an Instagram post.It’s a kid! Mikki the elephant brings to life 200-pound calf bone at Louisville Zoo Mikki, Louisville Zoo’s 33-year-old women African elephant, brought to life a male calf prior to midnight on Friday.The Art of Pirated Software If you matured in the age of BBSes, chances are the picture above (or something like it) knows to you– a big splashy item of artwork made with only ANSI characters, frequently accompanying a piece of software some faraway team of children had cracked for all to u.

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