Music Composer: Howie B. CAST( in
order of appearanceLook. Little Joe: Ben Whishaw. Big Lady: Janet Mitchell.

Male with mop: Mark Moore.
Kissing lady: Tabitha Denholm. Italian male 1: Roberto Spina. Italian man 2: Luis Sanchez
. Guy in shower 1: Andre Gayle.
Man in shower 2: Adam Hughes. Man in shower 3: Rollo
Dunford Wood. Newsagent: Surinder Grewal. Consumer: Paul Kirsop
. Lifeguard: Anton Saunders
. Freestyler: Helen Oldfield. Staring male: Nick Strong.
Hen 1: Lexi Strauss.
Chicken 2: Julia Couchman.
Hen 3: Amanda Baker.
Chicken 4: Suzy Davis.
Hirsute guy: Justin North.
Old woman: Pam Buckley.
Hoop girl 1: Katie Ledwith. Hoop girl 2: Hannah Jones.
Sprinkling young boy: Anthony Moss. Undersea male: Phil Downes
Chicken celebration 5: Nikki Porter.
Chicken celebration 6: Rhonda Austin.
Girl: Masha Thorpe.
TEAM. Manufacturing Manager: Louise Whiston
. 1st Assistant Director: Ben Gill. 2nd Assistant Director: Alan Edirisnghe. Casting: Sue Pocklington.
Manufacturing Assistant: Holly Scott Lidgett. Paramedic: Paul Mortimer.
Flooring joggers: Paul Verhoef, Johnnie
Barrett, Eleanor Berry, Adrian Clark, Darren Bloom, Toby Wright.
Focus puller: Oleg Poupko. Clapper Loader: Jon Mitchell. Trick grip: Johnny Donne. Grip: Sidney Jones.

Undersea driver: Franz Pagol. Gaffer: Barry Miller.
Genny Operator: Paul Skipper.
Electrical Expert: Anthony Miller
. Electrical Expert: Pat Crawford. Sound recordist: Sam Diamond
. Boom operator: Pete Cowasji.
Prop purchaser: Sophie Phillips
. Prop master: Ray McNiel.
Art dept jogger: Simon Willows.

Art dept jogger: John Ritchie.
Standby building: Juno
Moles @ DFS Construction.
Wardrobe developer: Daniel Furniss. Hair & Make-up Artist: Denise Carroll. Movie Stock: Kodak.

Insurance: Aon Insurance.
Cam & grasp tools: Arri Media.

Illumination: ELC.
Catering service: Linda @ The Catering Company. Dining Bus: Film Flow.
Movie handling
: Todd– AO. Aide editor: Guy

Title layout: Julie Verhoeven. Calling mixer: Bob Johnson @ Magmasters.
Movie theater mix: Mike Presswood Smith @ De Lane Lea. Grade: Tareq Kubaisi @ VTR.
Tape to movie transfer: Computer Film Company. Many thanks:. Paul Fennelly, John Stewart.
Billy Poveda, Sally Llewellyn. Murder My Darlings, Harriet @ Arri
Media. Ricky & Alyee @ ELC, Caroline @ Todd AO. Lusia Films, Whitfield Street Studios. Mike & Wes @ VTR, Len
@ Metrocolour.

Ruth Enfield, Jaques Floweday.
Helen Frank, Billie Thorpe.
Aurelian Pruner, Martin Swann.
Creative Union, Jonathan Hourigan.
Paul Hunwick, Jim Wilson, Alan McGee.

© BFI.

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