!.?.!At least I’ve made use of a tripod, or even more exactly a self standing Manfrotto monopod;-RRB-. So this is some “constant” shots in anamorphic with my little infant gem Berthiot Anamorphic X2, a really small, compact and also light lens from the 8mm period. I additionally located the best proportion, which seem to be 59%, as well as not the normal 50
% for a 2X lens, perhaps someone can inform me why. GH2 24P no hack sentimental setting. infant Berthiot hypergonar 1.75 X anamorphic lens. Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 the majority of the time at f/8. Light Craft variable ND
filter. No color modification.
music: Sonic Youth” Untiltled.

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