so these macaroni9s had their birthday some days ago so here is another intro to more oc9s. the black and white one is monotone and the yellow one is polygon, both are S class. monotone is suposed to be more like a bombay and polygon is a javanese! also tomor…



it was phil’s birthday yesterday and i forgot


the warriors series came out 15 years ago in all seriousness, i wouldnt be an artist if i never read this series sooooo ur welc also i feel like this would look better without the writing but????????? that capital s took too long so its staying

Snail Gives Birth – Birth of a Snail

A Snail gives birth in Nicosia Cyprus. Filmed in Nature by Marcus Platrides. Film has been speeded up by 4 times. I have the original if anyone is interested. Copyright Marcus Platrides 2016.

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