French babies born with missing limbs prompt inquiry

New cases of babies born without arms or hands prompts France to opened a national investigation.

Telescope Drama Could Thwart the Hunt for Extraterrestrial Life

For nearly 20 years, NASA has been planning and constructing a telescope unlike any ever built before: the James Webb Space Telescope. It will change the way scientists see the most distant galaxies and intensify the hunt for extraterrestrial life; it will an…

Heard the One About the Disabled Muslim Comic From Jersey?

With a television development deal for a semi-autobiographical show, Maysoon Zayid is hoping to push marginalized groups into the mainstream.

Reports the Trump Administration Plans to ‘Erase’ Transgender Definition Sparks Alarm

LGBTQ activists mobilize against the Trump administration’s reported effort to narrowly define gender as fixed and determined at birth

The secret to… preparing for a baby if you have a disability

Manage your expectations, check hospital access routes – and prepare to be a novelty Find professionals who understand that your disability isn’t the first thing about you – that you’re a pregnant woman first and foremost. Chances are, you’ll be under a consu…

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