GOP Rep. Sean Duffy to resign from Congress

Wisconsin Republican Sean Duffy announced Monday that he will resign from Congress next month, joining nine other House Republicans who have announced their own planned departures in recent weeks.

Woman left alone as she gave birth in jail cell says ‘pain was indescribable’

A Colorado woman is suing after she was forced to give birth to her child, alone in a jail cell, while screaming and pleading for help from staff that paid her virtually no mind.In the hours leading up to the birth of her child on July 31, 2018, surveillance …

Federal Workers’ Children Born Abroad May Not Receive Automatic Citizenship

Under a Trump administration policy, certain service members and other federal employees will have to apply for citizenship on the children’s behalf before they turn 18.

‘What hurts me more though is the fact that nobody cared’: A woman is suing nurses and jail staff alleging they ignored repeated pleas that she was in labor

Diana Sanchez is suing Denver Health Medical Center, nurses, and jail staff, alleging guards ignored her pleas for help while she was in labor for several hours alone in her cell. Surveillance footage used as part of the lawsuit shows Sanchez writhing in appa…

The untold story behind the world’s first major internet attack: The Morris Worm

Read more… {“player”:{“description”:””The originators, they couldn’t imagine that somebody would misuse this wonderful thing.””,”image”:”…

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