‘I didn’t know the girls had been born when I ran off the pitch at the end’

Joe Day was playing against Middlesbrough while his wife was giving birth to their twin girls.

New Jersey now offers gender-neutral option on birth certificates

This law has been passed in the hopes of protecting young trans and non-binary individuals from discrimination. Read more… More about Mashable Video, New Jersey, Trans Rights, Lgbtq Rights, and Non Binary

Try These Sports Psychology Techniques to Get Through Childbirth

I once ran a marathon and gave birth to a baby in the same year, and found them to be, mentally, very similar events. In both cases it doesn’t hurt too much in the beginning, but you know you have to save your strength. You will hit a point where you feel you…

US arrests ‘birth tourism’ operators linked to China

Three people were arrested on charges of running “birth tourism” companies that catered to Chinese clients in Southern California Thursday. It is the first time that criminal charges have been filed in a US federal court over the practice, according to Thom M…

Trump’s victory linked to spike in women getting long-term birth control

You might remember reports of women rushing to get long-lasting, reversible birth control in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, fearful that his administration would restrict access and coverage for contraception by targeting Planned Parenthood or the Affor…

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