Immigrant mom documents birth of child in US

In the “Strawberry Capital” of the US, an immigrant farmworker prepares for the birth of her third child while facing healthcare challenges and threats to immigration status. Produced by Every Mother Counts

Ruth Davidson gives birth to baby boy

Scottish Conservative leader says she and Jen Wilson delighted at arrival of Finn The Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, has given birth to a boy, saying she and her partner, Jen Wilson, are delighted with the safe arrival of Finn Paul Davidson at E…

Nigeria’s twin town: Igbo-Ora has an unusually high birth rate of twins

The town of Igbo-Ora has a huge number of twins, and it’s throwing a festival in their honour.

Caitlyn Jenner, a Longtime Republican, Revokes Support for Trump

Caitlyn Jenner said in a column in The Washington Post that she no longer supported President Trump. The blunt rebuke came after news broke that the Trump administration was considering narrowly defining gender as a biological condition determined by a person…

The Birth Of Japanese Arcades

Every business has a starting point. For Japanese arcades, one of them was on department store rooftops. Read more…

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