Katos Birth

Dis is a b-day icon for KatoQuest so wish her a happy b-day! 

Linky9s birth

Luna: My baby bro! Lori: As sweet as little angel. Luan: No one can feel baby blue around him. Lynn: I wanna play with him. Leni: I wanna be a mama one day. Request by sa6044.deviantart.com/ Characters belong to Chris Savino and Nickelodeon.

Hewuzi9s birth

King Nuavie and queen Nwazi had a cub named Hewuzi. The mandril Hakiu  shows Hewuzi to the animals and they cheer over the new cub at the pride lands. 

Skeeze’s birth

“Yep, there’s me, rising from the Royal blood pools of hell… To the left is my mother, who’s angry at my father for being late. My father not wanting to be there what so ever” Drawn by MegaboatmaN

horny birth

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