Make Diaper Changes Easier With a Special Toy

My son, who just celebrated his first birthday, has been a real mover-and-shaker since the second he was born. (The hospital’s note beside his Apgar scores at birth literally reads: “Jittery.”) Read more…

Hours after giving birth, she told hospital worker to take baby and run if flames closed in

Just hours after Rachelle Sanders gave birth to a healthy baby boy via C-section at a hospital in Paradise, California, she had to prepare for a harrowing choice.

Controversial fetus sculptures revealed

Damien Hirst’s 14 giant sculptures, depicting a fetus’s journey from conception to birth, were unveiled at the entrance of a new hospital in Qatar, after being covered for 5 years.

These 14 giant uterus sculptures show you the journey from conception to birth

Want to know what the uterus looks like in the various stages before a baby is born? Yeah, you do. British artist Damien Hirst has officially unveiled 14 colossal bronze uterus sculptures outside a hospital in Qatar, graphically documenting the stages from co…

Oprah Winfrey pays tribute to late mother Vernita Lee

The US star thanks friends and fans on Instagram after her mother died last week.

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