Motel 6 Agrees to Pay $8.9 Million to Settle Claims It Helped ICE Arrest Guests

Motel 6 has agreed to pay up to $8.9 million to settle a lawsuit claiming that its employees gave guests’ personal information to immigration authorities. The lawsuit alleged that the information led to the detainment of some guests.

Fathers over 45 put the health of both babies and mothers at risk, according to a major new study

A major study has found that the health of a baby is affected not just by the mother’s age, but by the father’s, too. Older dads are more likely to father babies who are premature and have other birth complications. Equally, the partners of men over 45 are mo…

Baby’s Death During “Free Birth” Spurs Backlash Against Unassisted Childbirth Movement

Women who choose to give birth without medical assistance have shut down their Facebook group, but the “free birth” community is still thriving online. View Entire Post ›

Clues from gamma rays on the history of star birth

The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, which celebrates its 10th year of operation, measures high-energy γ-ray emission, usually produced when cosmic rays (high-speed electrons or protons) interact with ordinary matter or radiation. Over the past 2 years, the F…

Hilary Duff ate her placenta in a ‘delightful’ smoothie after giving birth, but doctors think it’s a bad idea

In a recent episode of the “Informed Pregnancy ” podcast, Hilary Duff said she consumed her placenta in smoothies after giving birth to her second child, People reported. Some claim that the practice has benefits like improving milk supply and preventing post…

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