MPs on parental leave to be allowed proxy vote

Announcement follows outcry after MP delayed birth of her son to vote on Brexit deal Proxy voting will be introduced to the House of Commons on a one-year pilot, Andrea Leadsom has announced. It follows an outcry over the lack of support for the Labour MP Tul…

Nurse arrested on rape charges in case of incapacitated woman who gave birth

Nurse Nathan Sutherland, 36, faces charges on two counts Intellectually disabled woman gave birth to boy in December Phoenix police say a licensed practical nurse has been arrested on a charge of sexual assault in the impregnation of an incapacitated woman wh…

Arrest in coma baby case – World News –

Arrest in coma baby case – World News Coworker describes Hacienda Healthcare nurse arrested for rape as a ‘bully’ 12 News Lawyer: No proof nurse raped Arizona patient who had baby Yahoo News Canada Nurse charged in case of incapacitated woman who…

Republicans Seize on Late-Term Abortion as a Potent 2020 Issue

Vice President Mike Pence wrote that a push in New York and other states to expand abortion rights was a “call to action for all Americans.”

‘Fourth Trimester’ Problems Can Have Long-Term Effects On A Mom’s Health

A woman’s health issues related to pregnancy don’t always end at the baby’s birth. Scientists say complications from childbirth, such as hypertension or diabetes, increase her risk of heart disease.

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