Psdvanity Birth

happy birth

AYYYYYY it’s len’en’s fourth anniversary this took too long to draw haha i wish i could’ve known about len’en earlier so i could’ve drawn something for it last year but…ew…old art… i own nothing but the art

.:Mama Birth:.

Best title at 2am ITS purrwitch ‘s birthday! This woman,,THIS WOMAN RIGHT HERE She protecc and luvs and is just a truly amazing person all around. An amazing n mum friend, fun to call with and kick their ass in Cards Against Humanity chokes But seriously, hap…

Vayne’s Birth

The tragedy that created Vayne, the nocturnal hunter.

Nyxie’s Birth~

The baby was a tiny golden-furred lombax with little orange-coloured stripes on his ears and a little tuft of pale ginger hair. “Oh, Ratchet… he’s perfect.” “He sure is…” After seeing an adorable anime family picture on Google, I felt like redrawing it in…

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