Baby!.?.!16mm Tri-x reversal and also color reversal shot on a Arriflex MOS Hand edited on steenbeck Telecine transfer Victor of Best Sight & Sound Film at the Fusion Film Festival 2011. This is my last view and audio movie project, Tisch NYU Fall 2010. I plan on extending/re-writing this short to transform it into my […]

Froth “Nothing Baby”

” ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BABY” From the album BLEAK out on Burger Records – Writer/Director Riley Blakeway DOP: Baileyy Walker Starring: Cameron Allen Pizza Delivery: Kevin Haskins, Restaurant: Joo Ashworth, Halle Saxon Gaines Colored at The Mill Los Angeles Colorist: Nick Sanders Exec Producer, Color: Thatcher Peterson Shade Producer: Antonio Hardy Production Coordinator, Color: Diane […]