Beach Baby – Bon Iver!.?.!Este vídeo baseia-se na música Coastline Baby, de Bon Iver, falando-nos sobre despedidas e memórias que guardamos de outros que de uma ou outra forma ficaram para trás. Com isso em mente, as fotografias parecem ganhar vida dentro das molduras como se de memórias e recordações se tratassem. Prémios: Prémio do Público – Melhor Cápsula: […]

Baby Loss Series – Remembering Your Baby

“Remembering your Baby” is one of 8 videos in the Baby Loss Series, created with the support of Tommy’s Charity in partnership with Still Birth Stories. The videos use excerpts from audio recordings of parents talking about their experience with losing their baby. The series aims to break the silence and raise awareness on different […]

Baby Grotesque!.?.!The relaxed life of a little girl obtains interrupted by a disturbing yet charismatic monster. Laughs, tears and also arm or legs get discarded for love. My graduation film from the Digital Animation Degree at SAE Institute México performed in the training course of ten months on digital hand drawn computer animation.

Lolly Baby!.?.!Uber have just released a new application story on the Innovation Lab today. Lolly Baby of Sao Paulo, Brazil, switched from polycarbonate to Tritan because they wanted to preserve their’ extravagant as well as incredibly glasslike appearance’ which they believe ‘communicates safety ‘. In addition, Lolly was able to minimize the container weight by […]