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https://vimeo.com/18293670!.?.!16mm Tri-x reversal and also color reversal shot on a Arriflex MOS Hand edited on steenbeck Telecine transfer Victor of Best Sight & Sound Film at the Fusion Film Festival 2011. This is my last view and audio movie project, Tisch NYU Fall 2010. I plan on extending/re-writing this short to transform it into my very first function after NYU. It’s a really personal tale regarding our eccentric family, and it needs to be informed. Directed as well as Edited by: Rylee Jean Composed by: Donavan Freberg and also Rylee Jean Photographed by: Blake Brewer Produced and also Art guided by: Winslow Bright and Rylee Jean Voice Over by: Donavan Freberg Donavan Freblum: Aaron Phillips Stan Freblum: Hank
Offinger Donna Freblum: Mary Amy Sara
: Natalie Walsh Baby/Young Donavan: Vincent Pavonetti Hippie: Ellen Toland Nam Vet: Chris CREW: Carlos Flores, Josh, JZ, Nara DeMuro, and also Taylor Fauntleroy UNIQUE THANKS: My Family, the Frebergs and also the Ebsens The Brilliant Jim Baldree “The Health Store” Arnie Baskin