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Baby Loss Series – Remembering Your Baby

“Remembering your Baby” is one of 8 videos in the Baby Loss Series, created with the support of Tommy’s Charity in partnership with Still Birth Stories.

The videos use excerpts from audio recordings of parents talking about their experience with losing their baby. The series aims to break the silence and raise awareness on different aspects of baby loss, and provide support for the people who need it.

To watch the full series please visit:

For baby loss information and support please visit:

Silent Studios – Google – Baby

Shot via Not To Scale on two activity stuffed days across London, the individuals have actually weaved right into the story of an expectant pair, some of little methods in which we are reliant on Google as well as their gadgets to help us in the day-to-day and also er. Quiet Studios songs arm Resonate, were also accountable for composing and also carrying out the songs.