What it's like to have migraine with aura, a poorly understood condition that can cause sudden, temporary blindness

What it’s like to have migraine with aura, an inadequately comprehended condition that can cause sudden, short-term loss of sight

The initial time I experienced a migraine with mood, a condition which for me involves temporary and abrupt loss or interruption of vision, I believed it resulted from an autumn on the ice rink. I’ve currently discovered the problem is less common that regular migraine headaches, and i.

Kingdom Hearts’ whole story will certainly be offered in one plan on PS4

Play the entire Kingdom Hearts tale with this All-in-One Package. What you need to know Kingdom Hearts has a difficult plot, to state the least. Quickly, you can experience that challenging plot in its utter whole on PlayStation 4 in North America. The Kingd …

Identity national politics is Christianity without redemption

Woke notions of white superiority and also the patriarchy restore old ideas that individuals are damned at birth

Google Doodle honors Cuban artist MarĂ­a Teresa Vera – CNET

The guitarist, author as well as singer helped specify a country folk-style songs known as Trova, named for the traveling musicians that played the music.What is congenital heart disease? The caution indications for your newborn

When an infant’s heart or blood vessels develop in irregular ways in the womb, Goodboy Picture Company/Getty Images Congenital heart disease happens. Several of the signs and symptoms of genetic heart illness consist of blue spots of skin at birth, abnormal heart whisperings, an …

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