Why Is There No Male Birth Control Yet?The injustice of our existing contraceptive program requires no elaboration. Sufficient to say that it’s strange, at this late date, that male contraception still does not exist. Every number of years some researcher states they’re on the edge, and the exact same stagnant monolo …

The Bloody Fourth Day of Christmas

According to the Christian calendar, the birth of Jesus is followed by the state-mandated murder of children. However somehow, hope breaks through.Black Rhino Born at Michigan Zoo on Christmas Eve Doppsee, a 12-year-old black rhinocerous, brought to life her first calf, an uncommon shipment in captivity for the seriously endangered species.Sports reporter that died in Louisiana aircraft accident kept in mind for her passion Carley McCord, the sporting activities reporter killed in a Louisiana plane crash Saturday, “given off raw ability “from birth, those who understood her said in an obituary in advance of her funeral this week.A newborn’s eyes might transform color 6 months after birth A newborn’s eyes can transform shade in

the 6 to 8 months after birth. Eye shade is determined by the quantity of melanin present in the iris of the eye, which develops as newborn babies expand. You should seek advice from a physician if you discover your newborn has t.

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